Blogging – Game On!

It has been a couple of years since I’d decided to start blogging.  It all came from a desire to share my thoughts about technology, and its uses, with the technical community.  I started the journey joining the VMUG, became a VMUG leader (Orlando, FL) and looked at different opportunities to share my thoughts and experiences.  I believe that with every major endeavor, one should start with a solid knowledge management system, and for that reason I am officially launching

I’ve decided to use this site to capture and track a number of items:

  • Use cases and challenges from my engagements in the field
  • Reference implementations
  • Step-by-step installation and configuration instructions
  • Review and discuss new solutions, products and features
  • Document and track my learning journey towards higher certification (VCDX = #PureAwesomeness!)
  • Presentations, podcasts, and all related media
  • And above of all things, I will try to promote innovation and infrastructure architecture by operational excellence (more to come about this)
  • I will also cover a few things of personal interest in the section What’s Really Important

I truly hope for everyone that reaches this site to find it useful and worth their time.  I will try to make the content as unique as possible and not re-invent the wheel, as there are many great sites with phenomenal content by a number of very good friends in the blog-o-sphere.

Enjoy the content and come back frequently.  Feel free to leave your feedback, propose any topics and reach out if any questions.  I will try to get my game-on in the business of writing and technology blogging.


My best…Harold E. Goodwin

Don’t hold back! Share your knowledge and be social!  It is a great vCommunity after all.